Who are the video instructors at Storycraft Studio?

Our video instructors are published authors who are also certified teachers with many years of teaching experience and a passion for writing and teaching. Meet Lisa Frase and Beth Hammett.

What platform do you use for your video lessons?

Our video lessons are available on Amazon.com through Amazon Prime Streaming, as well as in DVD format. Each writing topic is available as a season of lesson episodes.

Where do I buy books?

A Kindle and print book is available for each course topic on Amazon.com. Companion writer’s notebooks, workbooks, and journals in print format may also be made available for purchase on Amazon.

Why should I purchase video lessons and books from Storycraft Studio?

At our heart, we are passionate writing teachers. We are dedicated to helping kids & teens grow their story¬†imaginations and learn the craft of writing. In this time of high standards testing in schools, we believe that there needs to be a place for young writers who want to create art with words. In our videos and through our books, young writers do not spend their time underlining nouns and circling verbs, or writing on demand five paragraph essays. Instead, they are encouraged to explore their own unique ideas, improve their writing skills through application, and explore the author’s craft through deep analysis and critical thinking. Our video lessons and books are perfect for homeschoolers and creative kids and teens who love to write!