Wonderscribe is a creative writing club for kids & teens. We are currently developing our club members’ special delivery packages and private members’ area, as well as physical products like books, journals, and specialty creative writing packages. We are combining education + inspiration + fun to encourage, teach, and motivate young writers and aspiring authors!

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Coming Summer 2017!

Club Member Features in Development:

  • Wonderscribe™ Official Club Member Package – Option to order an official club member package delivered to your doorstep and packed with creative writing goodies.
  • Wonderscribe™ Toolbox – Download and print fun creative writing resources.
  • Wonderscribe™ Mini Courses – Self-paced courses on writing craft, grammar, conventions, and specific genres
  • Wonderscribe™ Notebook – Download and print a digital copy of our monthly creative writing notebooks.

We are on a mission to help kids and teens become writing rock stars!

Why choose Wonderscribe™?

  • All of our creative writing content is created by experienced, certified teacher-authors.
  • We know that there are passionate young writers out there who need something above and beyond “school writing”. It’s our goal to provide quality instruction to improve kids’ writing while inspiring and motivating future authors.
  • We will continue to develop and add creative writing resources to our private members’ area increasing the value of your child’s membership over time.

We like to think of Wonderscribe™ as a playground of words where kids and teens can wonder and imagine, hone their writing skills, and improve their writing craft. We are packing our club members’ area with writing resources to empower young writers and aspiring authors. Our teacher-authors are available for live presentations and staff development in schools, as well as one on one private coaching through email. Check out Wonderscribe™ Live! to learn more about our school presentations.

Teaching resources for K12 teachers and homeschool parents are available for purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Wonderscribe™ is the brain child of professional educators’ Lisa Frase and Beth Hammett. They both have years of teaching experience in reading and writing and are avid writers and published authors. Both are passionate about writing and teaching and are working to grow Wonderscribe™ into an amazing online experience for young writers all over the world. Contact Us with questions and inquiries.